a daily dose of IT.

What is the first thing you do in the morning? well, if you’re using your phone’s alarm then you probably start the day snoozing or turning it off. And since you’re already holding your phone, you might as well check your notifications, and checking notifications will sometimes lead to ceaseless scrolling through feeds. Or maybe you’re the type of person who’d wash their face, brush their teeth, low-key fix their hair and dive back into bed, phone in hand, snap a picture, and post it with the infamous caption ‘I woke up like this’.

On a brighter note, that notification may be an email from your professor, an assignment, or an activity, and all other things professors send; and you find yourself making a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and having a productive day.

Or maybe you’re like me. After turning of the alarm, you only plan to message your mom or dad to wish them a good morning, but find yourself in immersed in the digital world. Well, most of the time.

In an era known as the ‘information age’, information technology has become a vital part of our lives. With a press of a button we can access information, read news, listen to podcasts, watch re-runs of our favorite dramas and chat with people from all over the world from the comfort of our rooms.

The word ‘IT’ can be compared to a highway, connecting us to a world of information. A world of possibilities. IT’s greatest legacy is reducing the time it takes to collect, exchange, and disseminate information from years to a matter of minutes. Information has become cheap and accessible.

But just as there is two sides of the same coin, IT has both its perks and disadvantages. IT has become so significant that we dive into the information world more often than we realize, to the point that we’ve become overdosed with IT. A minute or two in the information world becomes an hour in reality. No matter how good a medication is, overdosage is harmful.

And with our fast paced world, we (I) sometimes forget to double-check our resources. I used to think that the first thing displayed after hitting the search button is the most credible website, more often than not, it’s Wikipedia. Well, when Marcos was buried in ‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’, users decided to play a joke and edited the English translation ‘Heroes’ Cemetery’ to ‘Heroes’ Cemetery and One Dictator’. Well that lasted for about half an hour before it was changed back. Unlike published works, you can never be too sure of website content. Adding to this is how people can easily circulate false information and we might be too naive to think otherwise.

Another drawback to IT is cyber bullying. When we repost, we add another meaning to the post. I like this, I find this funny, this is beautiful. When we share this, the reader will subconsciously think, “Oh, this is funny” because you suggested it is. We don’t realize that someone probably got hurt because of that.

And something I’m scared of happening is being replaced by a machine. Machines might be expensive but you only pay for them once and it might work for a lifetime, Machines are precise, and you don’t have to worry about a sick or maternity leave, so I always had this irrational fear that machines and AIs, will eventually take over the world and IT is a catalyst.

In this Information Age, information is a vitamin. No one can deny the developments brought about by IT. IT has created a better world to live in and the perks we gain from IT outweighs its disadvantages. But like any medication, it’s always best to follow the prescription and take only a daily dose of what you need everyday


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